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Kitty cat shaped Candle

Kitten candle
Kitty cat shaped figurine Candle
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Cat lovers won't want to burn this beautifully detailed, hand-molded candle. A "purr"fect piece of home decor for any cat lover or cat lady. Various colour options are available. White colored kitty cat shaped candle that has very enteric detail and fragranced with the winter goddess fragrance oil. This is a candle made of palm and soy wax.  This candle is a precious gift that can bring a smile to a persons  especially animal lovers. The Egyptian Goddess Bast was the official goddess of protection. She was also the protector of cats. It's often referred to as the gambler's candle for good luck. You can use it in spellwork to invoke protection against evil (black), losing money (green) and spiritually/purity (white).

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