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Jemima's Boudoir is an online retail store based in Johannesburg and we specialize in handmade resin jewellery and handmade cold process soaps. Grace is also a crafty boarding cattery owner with big dreams and an inability to sit still. She loves epoxy resin, colour, design, patterns, and there is never enough time in the day to experiment with new ideas and techniques. She talks endlessly about it, and she wants to do is make stuff with it.

Jemimas Boudoir jewellery is handmade with materials such as resin, wax and satin cords, Swarovski jewellery. A self taught jewelry designer, Grace uses traditional techniques to handcraft each piece in her home studio. 

At the end of last year, she started to toy with epoxy resin and voila, here we are today with a full range of epoxy resin jewellery, quirky earrings and something for everyone.

Epoxy resin jewellery are decorative pieces of jewellery which are made of Epoxy Resin. Resin is a material which works by means of a two-component system. Epoxy jewelry resins are durable, usually clear or translucent, resins that come in two parts: the resin and the hardener. When the two parts are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs that changes the epoxy from a liquid to a solid. When you mix the 2 parts together, you have the option of adding colorants and other inclusions such as sand, glitter, mica, and more.

When she is not doing creating stuff in her garden studio, she is in her garden plucking fresh flowers and sealing them in silica gel for her next resin jewellery, listening to music or watching videos on tiktok with her now teenaged daughter or surfing the net perfecting her craft, or watching a juicy movie, tv series or documentary on her iPad.

In case you were wondering, everything made by Jemima’s boudoir is made in the studio in Kensington with as much material sourced in Johannesburg as possible. Every design is designed by Grace and every piece of jewelry and soap is made by her two hands without any assistant.


  • Support local community initiatives and ethical, fair trade practices.
  • Source all our products in South Africa - to us, being proudly South African means supporting local industry.
  • Believe in sharing information and constantly learning.
  • Believe in honesty and transparency in our relationships with our customers.
  • We only sell products we use and believe in ourselves.

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We will process a minimum order of R300 excluding shipping fees and delivery.

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Jemima’s Boudoir Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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