Friday, July 28, 2017
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Shop our collection of corsets and bustiers! Take your pick from dozens of fairly worn trendy prints and luxe styles. We carry classy, sexy, high quality corsets with variety styles and color.

  • blue_gold_corset

    Blue and Gold Steel Bone brocade Corset with Lace Trim

    A blue and gold steel boned corset with exquisite lace trim. This delightful blue corset features a gold Victorian style floral pattern, a classic combination, very elegant for an evening out. This design is part of a collection of corsets inspired by our fashion range best sellers, but made with spiral steel boned to achieve an hour glass figure with extra comfort and flexibility. Ideal if you have never worn a corset before.

    Code: COR13 R 450,00
  • black_brocade_corset

    Black Brocade Steampunk Underbust Corset

    The one thing you willl notice about this underbust steampunk corset (aside from the fact that it is fabulous, obviously) is the fact that it is not brown. Straying away from the norm just a little, this black underbust corset still retains that classic steampunk look, coupling intricate brocade design with the darker, brooding leather style edges and clasps that run down the centre of the garment. As this top is an underbust, you could couple it with a loose shirt or blouse underneath to protect your modesty. Gothic black, steel boned, brocade Steampunk corset. This gorgeous underbust corset features four clasp buckles in front and buckle accents on the side. Lace up back for cinching.

    Code: COR02 R 250,00
  • military_corset

    Military Inspired brocade steel boned Steampunk Corset

    For those not in the know, steampunk is a genre which blends sci-fi and Victoriana together to create something really quite awesome, as this Nautilus Steampunk corset will show you. Brown is usually the order of the day with steampunk – as are accessories – and this one has quite a lot of both. The brocade pattern compliments the leather look of the corset and the addition of chains to the side and buckles up the front really make this a corset that will get noticed.

    Code: COR95 R 550,00
  • black_burlesque_corset

    Black Burlesque Satin and Lace Corset

    A popular black burlesque corset top, this one is at home on stage on a vintage-themed night out. The black satiny fabric contrasts beautifully with the richly textured lace at the bust and hips. The lace also makes this a slightly more modest top. Less can be more! Black goes with everything and this corset top is no exception. You can make it your own with anything from a long Victorian-style skirt to a smart pair of pants.

    Code: COR65 R 300,00
  • animal_print

    Leopard Print Corset

    Bring out your claws with this fun and flirty leopard print corset with matching black net tutu. A wonderfully detailed corset including black lace trim and satin effect bows around the bust line and hem. Vertical striping along the acrylic bones of the bodice helps to lengthen and tone the figure, and the bold leopard print makes a strong statement too! Fun to wear and with a hint of retro glam. This animal print corset with a leopard skin effect is a sure fire hit for bachelorette parties or even as a base for a jungle queen burlesque routine. It's great fun and very daring, with a generous hint of retro glamor, darlings. We’re not sure if this corset is more suited to the stage or the screen; all we do know is that if you love leopard print you’ll definitely find a place to wear it.

    Code: COR45 R 300,00
  • pinkblue_corset

    baby blue and pink overbust damask corset

    The Atomic Robins Egg Blue Floral Brocade Underbust Corset features a light blue brocade bodice with light pink trim along the top and bottom edges, detailed fleur-de-lis print, a front busk closure, and matching ribbon lace-up back. Includes a matching thong.

    Code: BPC56 R 350,00
  • greengold_corset

    green and gold overbust damask corset

    Code: GGC26 R 350,00
  • gold_corset

    gold corset

    Sexy corset features front zipper closure and lace-up back. Matching G-String included.

    Code: GC987 R 300,00
  • black_white_floral_1626242715

    black white floral print corset

    Code: BWC654 R 350,00
  • redblacklingerie

    Red black off shoulder corset with lace trim

    Beautifully designed fashion corset with an open back with adjustable criss cross lacing and will hug any body shape and look gorgeous for any occasion! •14 1/2" long closed front corset •Ideal for going out and dancing •Criss cross ribbon back •Mild sweetheart neckline •Laced trim to soften cleavage

    Code: RBC38 R 400,00
  • floral_print_

    Pink/Black Floral Corset Bustier

    Code: COR34 R 450,00
  • union_jack

    union jack corset

    Code: UJC67 R 450,00
  • black_and_purple_corset

    purple and black burlesque corset

    Beautifully designed black and purple satin corset top.

    •14 1/2" long closed front corset
    •Ideal for going out and dancing
    •Criss cross ribbon back
    •Mild sweetheart neckline
    •Laced trim to soften cleaveage

    Code: PBC34 R 300,00
  • red_diamante

    Red diamanté satin corset

    Red satin corset top* adorned with sparkly diamante / rhinestones, and finished with a satin ruffle at the top and bottom. Made to the highest standards:

    •Finished in red satin with diamante / rhinestones
    •12 plastic bones throughout
    •Fully adjustable criss cross ribbon laced back
    •black lace trim to soften the cleavage line
    •14.5" / 37 cm in length (front of the corset)
    •Cut shorter at the back for added comfort

    *These corset tops are less restrictive than steel boned corsets - they have soft, plastic boning to give a little shaping in the right places, but they will not make your waist smaller. They should not be used for waist reduction like a normal corset - so please be sure to lace it up gently. Do not lace tightly as this will result in the seams splitting - only real steel-boned corsets are suitable for tight lacing. If you're looking for waist reduction / support corsets, please see our steel boned corsets

    Code: RDC22 R 400,00
  • white_corset

    white satin corset

    Sensual and flirty, this white corset is simple yet sexy! Strapless corset features beautiful ruffle tulle trim, plastic boning, hidden side hook & eye closures, and a lace up back. Lace up back is sexy but also allows for easy adjustments. Matching white g-string thong is included.

    Code: COR013 R 250,00
  • img_20170518_212539

    pink and black satin corset

    Code: PBC76 R 400,00
  • img_20170518_213315

    black jacquard underbust corset

    Code: UBC675 R 250,00
  • pinkblack_corset

    Atomic Pink and Black Burlesque Corset

    A popular pink and black extra curvy corset and skirt set. This sensational corset dress is finished with black lace trim, top and bottom for a burlesque look.

    Code: COR47 R 350,00
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